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It’s Friday! And nothing says Friday like a math problem!

…okay, we’re just kidding. But it IS important for game designers to understand the math behind their games. A few of our number-oriented Leaguers have tackled complex issues using their math skillz.

So happy Friday – a few of our posts to tide you over until the weekend!

Designing By the Numbers

James Ernest gives us a tour of probability for game designers in his excellent guest article.

Using game theory to design games? Well, yeah! Tom Jolly shows you how it’s done.

How does volatility affect your game? Scott shows you the impact it can have on your design in this two part series:
Part 1
Part 2

Make the Ends Mean Something

Scoring can obviously have a huge impact on your game. Teale explains how different types of scoring and different points systems can make or break your game.

Okay, so Luke doesn’t use any number in this article on endgame conditions. But it’s still a great introduction into game endings.

Pick Your Price

Ready to hit retail? Jeff explains how games are priced – using box sizes as a reference.

Of course, components matter too! Part 2 takes a look at pricing your game by number of components.

Ahhhh, numbers. Just the thing you want before the weekend, right?

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