Last week I managed my past selves both in a fun time travel worker placement prototype by Aaron Vanderbeek and also in a recently published Scott Almes design from Eagle Gryphon Game – Loop, Inc. I might be in a bit of a time travel mood. (Although when is it NOT time for time travel, am I right??)

Anyway, in honor of being somewhere else today than your normally scheduled Monday, I present a past, present and future blog of sorts. There are too many posts to possibly link here – but even I forget them all and stumble upon one and think – oh yeah, that one! We’re wrapping up this year of M-W-F posts on Friday, November 27.



In 2015, we’ve posted over 130 posts. We have about 300 total posts. That’s amazing! A big thank you to all of the League writers, all of our guest posters – who do this all for free! (Something to work on in 2016!) In honor of the past and the long list of post ideas from Leaguers, I give you posts about length of something!

Bonus question: What is the longest game you’ve ever played? Tell us in the comments!


Tis the season to play a bunch of games and introduce new gamers to this wonderful hobby. In honor of the season, and looking at what we did in 2015, here are some posts that remind us there’s no time like the present. Luke’s post on this year’s events can help us gear up for the future!


Metatopia 2015

Bonus question: Best Con of this Year? Metatopia – just happened this weekend, photo from JR Honeycutt.JR wrote a post on Metatopia: Mecca for Designers last year as one of his favorite cons. What was the top convention or event for you in 2015?


The best games are yet to be made! I really believe that. We’ve adopted Luke Laurie’s quote as our League motto. So what games do you have coming up? Are you pitching at BGG.con? Are you Launching a Kickstarter in 2016? Are you ready for Gen Con housing sign up in January?! Time to Prototype over the holidays, gear up for the awesomeness in 2016!

Bonus question: Blog post ideas? We got a ton of post ideas from our recent raffle, but we’re always looking for future great discussions. What do YOU want to see covered in 2016? What game do you have coming in 2016? Tell us!

Thanks for reading!