League of Gamemakers proudly announces a forthcoming merger with Asmodee™! Please read below for a press release:

Burbank, CA; Paris, France, April 1st, 2015. The League of Gamemakers – an online resource featuring a collaboration of industry professionals – and Asmodee – a world-renowned publisher and distributor – announced today an upcoming merger between the two entities. Terms have not been disclosed.

This merger marks the third of its kind involving Paris-based Asmodee in the past nine months. August of last year saw the merge with California-based Days of Wonder, and not three months passed before Asmodee announced another blockbuster merger with Minnesota-based Fantasy Flight Games. Now, in what is arguably considered the most controversial merger in the industry to date, Asmodee will continue business as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the League of Gamemakers. Neither company anticipates any staffing changes.

The League of Gamemakers anticipates marked benefits from Asmodee’s extensive marketing reach. Asmodee, likewise, will share in the tight-knit community that has resulted from the literally dozens of people who have read The League.

“Asmodee has shown encouraging initiative in its recent deals with some small-scale local businesses in the past year,” said Peter Vaughan, chief editor of the League of Gamemakers. “[Days of Wonder and Fantasy Flight Games] have really flourished since their mergers, and so we really wanted to give back to Asmodee and empower them to keep up the good work.”

Luke Laurie, contributing writer for the League of Gamemakers, adds, “Our hope is that this merger gives Asmodee the boost they need to take their mom-and-pop operation to the next level. Maybe even serve as an inspiration to other aspiring companies.”

“Asmodee was buying everybody else,” beamed Kelsey Domeny, contributing writer for the League, “And those companies were so excited, we wanted to give that same gift to Asmodee.”

Stéphane Carville, CEO of Asmodee Group, when asked his opinions about the merger, responded, “Pardon me… what league?”