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Peter and I have shot ideas back and forth – we just need to get something together! I met Jason Kingsley earlier this year, and jived with the way he approaches game design and graphic design. I’d also like working with Matt Leacock, but he doesn’t know I exist.


Is it a cop out to say that I’d want to make a game with Kelsey Domeny and Christina Major, my fellow Leaguers? I love Kelsey’s sense of humor and fun, and Christina’s amazing graphic design skills. I think we’d make a good team.


I’ll give a quick shoutout to two designers that I have so far had a blast working with and would do so again any day – cheers to Brad Brooks and Isaac Epp! I have partnerships with several Leaguers and I’m excited about those. Outside the League, on my wishlist for sure would be Bruno Faidutti, (who I know reads this blog – hi Bruno!). He has a legacy of games and experience, seems down to Earth and I dig what he stands for. Citadels is an inspiration!


It’s really hard to pin down what a collaboration will be like before it begins. I enjoy working with fellow Leaguer Tom Jolly, and I’d like to work on more games with him. I believe our game interests and appreciation for mechanics and Scotch make our work productive.


Because he has produced an amazing range of games (Power Grid, Fearsome Floors, Copycat, Friday and many others), turned game design on its head with a modular, mix & match game system (504) and seems like a great guy with a fantastic sense of humor, I think it would feel fabulous to fraternize with Friedemann Friese.


Can I say Eric Lang just because he gets all the fun IP’s? Actually, I’d like to work with Bruno Cathala. He’s a great designer and he works with a lot of other designers, so I could learn a great deal from him.


I think it would be interesting to work with any designer who has a design focus really different from mine. I have tended to focus on tile-laying games, but it would be interesting to learn new mechanics by working with an expert in another area and trying to design a mash-up game.


If I could work with any designer, it would be Antoine Bauza. I’m truly inspired by his range as a designer and his ability to work with publishers to create games at the nexus of design, art, and product. Both Brunos are a close second for me as well 🙂


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Brad Brooks

iOS Developer

Brad designed Letter Tycoon (a word game for capitalists) which won the 2015 Mensa Select award, and the upcoming Rise of Tribes. He is currently in need of a time machine to address his idea vs. execution imbalance.

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  1. David Armstrong on July 23, 2016

    If you asked me this question a year or two ago I would have listed off the most renowned designers like Uwe or Feld. Now that I am actually designing, I quickly realize that there are those I can align my design process with and those I cannot. Gary Perrin and Daniel George are fantastic designers that when brainstorming, testing or refining, we align and have a simpatico that makes the process delightful. I have also tried to design with very good friends and the process is painful or one sided.

    I love the genius of those who design even when I don’t like their game personally or their design process. You can always learn something that transforms your own process. That said, I’d still love to watch Uwe or Feld design a game. But for actually designing along side someone, that requires a compatibility that you can’t manufacture.

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