Favorite Games: (Based on Number of Plays)

  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Dominion

Known information about this agent:

Q:Favorite game piece color?

Whatever is left after everyone chooses

Q:Weapon of Choice

Acerbic wit and a d20 that weighs a pound



Tom Jolly started designing games around 1985, beginning with Wiz-War, followed shortly by Knots and GOOTMU, before things like color printers existed for household use and rule books were still made with typewriters and paste-ups. He eventually created business relationships with Chessex, who reprinted a few editions of Wiz-War, and met Fantasy Flight Games while in Essen, Germany. FFG brought out Diskwars, Cavetroll, Drakon, and Vortex. Wingnut Games printed his Cargo and Camelot games, while Cheapass produced Light Speed and Battle Bunker Games produced Wayword. His most recent project was a Kickstarter of his math card game Got It! He also sold a few game articles to Games and Knucklebones over the years, and has designed quite a number of wooden mechanical puzzles, many produced by Cubic Dissection and the Lagoon Group. He maintains a web page that helps newbies figure out some of the ins-and-outs of getting into the industry. Since he retired from his electrical engineering job in 2013, he’s published short science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories in a number of online magazines. He still has enough projects lined up to assure that he will die happily working.

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Tom Jolly

Game Designer at Wiz-War, Drakon, Diskwars, Cavetroll, Vortex and More

Electrical engineer, writer, game and puzzle designer. I’ve an interest in physics, space travel, fantasy and science fiction, hiking, bad jokes. I enjoy having a pint or two with friends on occasion, usually with games involved.