Print & Play Prototype pieces
Oooh, the possibilities in this snapshot of the prototype pieces at Print & Play Games!

I can think of five moments in the last week I would like to blog about. Specifically things that would make fun topics here at the League of Gamemakers. A designer retreat in Texas with other publishers and designers, new artwork commissioned for several Breaking Games titles, the modeling of 3D pieces for a new game, visiting the production facilities at Print & Play, hearing Eric Lang and Mike Selinker speak today at PAX Dev! And that’s just the beginning. I have tons of blog topics.

The problem is, where does one find the time to be a gamemaker and a blogger? It’s something I’ve struggled with since taking a larger development role at Breaking Games. I thought it was just me, but actually the entire League is having adventures that take us all away from blogging. And that’s great – I’m excited for us. I’m excited for this hobby. And our 400+ posts serve as a really great tribute of love to the golden age of boardgames and will stand to prove out our motto, ‘The Best Games Are Yet to be Made”. Except, now if you’ll forgive us – we’re a bit busy making them. 🙂


We’re going to start a new plan at the League blog, and move to just one planned original post a week, likely on Mondays. We may find ourselves with more to say in any given week, or find the time to re-release old posts, either as is or with updates to the topics. We encourage everyone to look up the wealth of articles in the archives, and perhaps we’ll find the time to make better anthologies of posts on given topics for easy reference. We’ll still be here on Facebook and Twitter, engaged in the gamemaking community. We’re still here for you!

Thank You Authors!

I want to take a moment to thank our generous contributors to this blog. We have had articles from 17 league authors and 5 guest posters so far in 2016. What a great assortment of viewpoints!

To Scott Caputo, Eduardo Baraf, Luke Laurie, Norv Brooks, Jeff Cornelius, Teale Fristoe, Jasmine Butler-Davis, JR Honeycutt, Brad Brooks, Pete Butler-Davis, Tom Jolly, Michael Domeny, Seth Jaffee, Mark Major, Chris Strain, Christina Major, Brian Merlonghi, Beth Sobel, Ta-Te Wu, Jeff Siadek, and Michael Hill: THANK YOU. To all our Leaguers and contributors in previous years, thank you too – the best posts have yet to be made, but they will be inspired from yours.

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And that’s it. Oh, one thing that I could use from you dear reader, if you have a moment. Please leave a comment with some story about how you met one of us, or about a post that you have enjoyed, or an idea you have for one yet still to write. Or about a game you think everyone should play – something. Anything to indicate that you are here and reading. We would LOVE to hear from you. We are here as your friends, colleagues, and fellow gamemakers. Thanks for reading!


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Peter Vaughan

Game Developer at Breaking Games

Peter eats games for breakfast! Founder of First Play LA, Squirmy Beast and League of Gamemakers, and Director of Development for Breaking Games. First published designs include What the Food?! and Nightmare Cove, and development credits include Letter Tycoon, Boomtown Bandits, Sparkle*Kitty and Rise of Tribes.

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  1. Jasmine on September 1, 2016

    My favorite League memory was meeting everybody at Gen Con 2015…for like 10 seconds because we were all rushing off to other events! I also really enjoyed getting to meet Jeff Cornelius and play Threads (finally!) at Origins 2016.

  2. Joseph Z Chen on September 1, 2016

    I love the blog posts you guys do. As a first-time board game designer, it’s been an invaluable resource. In particular I’ve enjoyed Edo’s videos. He has an obvious passion that makes it very engaging to listen. It takes more effort to produce a quality blog post than most people know. I’ve tried while developing my game, and I’ve quickly learned how difficult it is to do both. Keep up the good work!

  3. John Shulters on September 1, 2016

    Sarah and I went to our first our first board game con (ConQuest SAC) in 2015. We had a few designs with us, but we were hobbyists and just there to play new games and have a fun time. Cut to late 2016 where we’ve just returned from pitching at GenCon and are waiting to hear from several interested publishers on multiple games, and about to head down to San Jose this weekend for Pacificon Protospiel which will be our 11th event of the year (with 1 more planned in November). All of this started because of the League. We met Luke at an event last year and got into the whole protospiel/unpub/playtesting thing and the rest is history. Now being able to count nearly all the Leaguers as friends and peers is a wonderful feeling, as are all our efforts to help build community in the northern California area (be sure to check out GREAT INC on Facebook to stay in the loop with all our area events!). Thanks to all our new friends for confirming that this is the best industry to “work” in. See you all soon!

  4. Brandon on September 1, 2016

    Glad to hear more blogs are coming. This is a great resource for those who want to design games and learn from industry experts. Thanks everyone for all you do.

  5. Matthew on September 1, 2016

    I’m so glad to have the collection of content that has been created so far. Using specific articles to teach board game development to my high school students is something I would like to research for this spring. It would be great to see an article on the best articles to read for getting started with designing board games.
    I got to meet Peter and Norv when I joined the local play testing group for the first time. Grateful to both of them for the encouragement in making board games over these past few years!

  6. Marc S on September 1, 2016

    I loved reading all the great, inspiring ideas people shared in the Steal This Game post. I wish I were better at keeping up with the blog, but I’ve been putting it off, along with actually designing games. Hopefully I’ll make progress on both soon. Thanks for doing what you do.

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