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Disclaimer: Below are unofficial International Tabletop Day cards spoofs, just for fun. Please do not confuse these with actual 2014 promos from Geek and Sundry.

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Not final art or design. Copyrights belong to original owners when applicable. Use these designs sleeved with actual cards at your own risk. May lead to imbalanced play and table flipping.

Wil Wheaton, Our Host

It’s too bad Wil Wheaton can’t magically be at everyone’s tabletop day, right? Unless you’re at the official Geek and Sundry event or have yourself a cardboard cutout, you’re out of luck. Or are you?

Here at the league we’ve put together a bunch of custom cards as a tribute to our fine host and champion of board gaming – both in our own designs and some popular titles you might be playing this Tabletop Day. Check these out:

Lords of Waterdeep Wil

Ralph Horsley on Facebook.
Lords of Waterdeep on Tabletop Season 2, Ep 10.

Evil Intent Wil

Evil Intent at Cool Stuff Inc.
Printable Card

Settlers of Catan Wil

Settlers of Catan on Tabletop Season 1, Ep 2 (or Star Trek Catan! Season 2, Ep 7)

Pandemic Wil

Pandemic on Tabletop Season 1, Ep 14

Stones of Fate Wil

Stones of Fate Felicia

Stones of Fate from Cosmic Wombat Games

Ars Victor Wil

Ars Victor from Trip West Games

What the Food Tabletop Day event

What the Food Wheaton topping

What the Food?! from Squirmy Beast

Arkham Wil

Betrayal Tabletop Day

Betrayal at House on the Hill on Tabletop Season 2, Ep 11 and 12

King of Crime Wil


Smif Games website

Be There Witches Wil

Commies! Wil

More Wil Wheaton?

Tell us in the comments your ideas for an awesome Wil Wheaton card from your favorite game(s)!

Play More Games April 5!

Look for the hashtag, #TableTopDay and follow @TableTopDay and @GeekandSundry on Twitter, as well as the @leagueGM. As put by Geek and Sundry, “Let’s for one day, all come together, put down our worries and play more games.”

Where can you find some leaguers on April 5? See our previous post.
See you at the table and a wonderful Tabletop Day everyone!

Thank You

A special thank you to Ralph Horsley (cover artist, card illustrator for Lords of Waterdeep) and Jon Schindehette (senior creative direction for Lords of Waterdeep) for the collaboration on the spoof card above. A lot of us are fans of Lords of Waterdeep at the league, and we appreciate their hard work with Wizards of the Coast to make a stellar looking game.

Thanks too to all the designers and artists at the league who contributed cards! Cheers to game design!

Link to card files

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Peter Vaughan

Game Developer at Breaking Games

Peter eats games for breakfast! Founder of First Play LA, Squirmy Beast and League of Gamemakers, and Director of Development for Breaking Games. First published designs include What the Food?! and Nightmare Cove, and development credits include Letter Tycoon, Boomtown Bandits, Sparkle*Kitty and Rise of Tribes.

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  1. Stephen DeBaun on April 4, 2014

    Lords of Waterdeep: one of the least dumb worker placement games I’ve ever encountered.

    • Peter Vaughan Author on April 4, 2014

      LOL Professor What?!? Btw, I’m really glad one of us got hockey in a card. Bummer about last night’s game but Go Kings!

  2. Barbarossa on April 4, 2014

    What about Will Wheaton as a monster in Munchkin?!?
    He would be Level 21, would give 2 levels and 5 treasures and the bad stuff that happens would be that you are forced to play a tabletop game with him and to stop for 1d6 turns.

  3. Stryyder on April 4, 2014

    Awesome. Not much flavor since they don’t have individual powers, but a “Giga-Wil” for King of Tokyo might be fun.

    Tried the Bang! dice game the other night, which was interesting. Maybe a character card for that. “Evil Wheaton” : 7 Health: When indians attack, if you have more arrows than any other player, you take 0 damage from that attack.

    I’ll definitely be printing some of these out for tabletop day tomorrow.

  4. Stryyder on April 4, 2014

    And someone please tell me that Jeff is going to make those Stones of Fate cards a reality.

  5. Pat Marino on April 4, 2014

    Hi Peter can you post a PnP for download?

  6. Christian Strain on April 4, 2014

    Looking at everyone else’s powers, I feel a little bad that I made him so evil in Evil Intent lol. Still, he’s supposed to be an Evil Genius character in the game so, I think if he played Evil Intent on TableTop, there’d be a lot of “Mwuhaha’s” coming from him.

  7. Stryyder on April 4, 2014

    Oh, I’ve got it, a Fluxx promo set.
    Keeper – Wil Wheaton
    Keeper – Loser’s Couch
    Goal – Normal Episode of Tabletop – If you have Wil Wheaton and Loser’s Couch in play, you win.

  8. Pat Marino on April 4, 2014

    Hi Peter, is there a PnP coming? I am attending the Geek and Sundry Event and would gladly bring these along. Also, how about the Wil Wheaton token for Flash Point, or the Wil Wheaton character role for Forbidden Island/Desert?

    • Peter Vaughan Author on April 4, 2014

      Hi Pat!

      Absolutely. Sorry for not posting PnP out of the gate. I wasn’t sure if anyone would take these cards seriously, but of course, we’d love to see them played! I see Christian has posted the Evil Intent card pdf link. I’m not able to make the rest until tonight, but I’ll have them up before morning of Tabletop Day!

  9. Luke Laurie on April 4, 2014

    Peter- our fearless League leader. You have captained yet another amazing post! I love seeing all the different League contributions as well as the great ideas in the comments!

  10. Brad on April 5, 2014

    In regards to the Betrayal tile, it’s completely believable that an aggressive game of Carcassonne could end in bloodshed.

  11. Brandon on January 8, 2015

    Love that Arkham Horror card!

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