You assess the table for options. Your move seems either to take 3 additional turkey units or discard all remaining table scraps and move into dessert territory… Happy Thanksgiving, for those of our readers partaking in this area control game of sorts.

In this post, we asked Leaguers what they were thankful for – specifically in gaming.


Chris: I’m thankful to be part of a community of designers that help and give advise to each other, especially the League…

Brad: I’m thankful I got to take my family to GenCon to experience the craziness and share in the excitement of getting Letter Tycoon out to folks.

Christina and Mark: We are thankful to all our awesome playtesters in the Ventura County Strategy Boardgame Meetup and Simi Valley meetup groups for always being available when we have yet another new game prototype to test! You guys rock!

Luke: I am very thankful for the friendship and partnerships I have found and continue to find in the gaming community. It is a wonderful thing to meet like-minded people and to work together on fascinating creative projects.

Teale: I’d like to thank Tiffany Ralph and JR Honeycutt. These two helped spread the word about Birds of a Feather to the wider board game community, making people aware that it’s not just a game about bird watching, it’s a unique and interesting game in its own right, which made a huge difference for the Kickstarter.

Seth: I’m really thankful to have a regular playtest group. I’m used to begging people at game night to play my prototypes, and I’ve always wanted a regular group dedicated to playtesting. It’s amazing!

Scott: I am grateful for the Leaguers (Luke and Teale) who covered for me as a Celestispiel organizer when I had to unexpectedly drop out of that event due to my wife’s car accident. I am also grateful for being invited to Haiticon–that con is maybe the best one yet for getting playtest feedback.

Michael and Kelsey: We are thankful for the support of those who came out to Amberden Live at GenCon this year!

Jeff: I am incredibly thankful for everyone who has played or who backed Campaign Trail. Seeing the support for a game that means so much to me has been amazing.

Jasmine: I’m so thankful for my expanded tabletop circle this year! I spent 2015 meeting a lot of super cool people, from gamers to designers to podcasters. I could not be more thrilled to be part of such a cool community.

Peter: I am thankful for so many collaborations in 2015. To the League – cheers to you! To Breaking Games! Shari Spiro AND her rockstar team has given me so much. Mackenzie Schubert, Isaac Epp, Erwin Haya – you made dropbox FUN. A special thanks to Brad Brooks. He has been a long time friend and I sincerely cherish the opportunity to bring his game, Letter Tycoon, to the world!

Norv: I’m in agreement with the other Leaguers’ comments on the values to myself of the League of Gamemakers. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to be a part of a group that is giving back to the gaming community by the insightful posts on the League site.

Thanks to YOU for reading this blog, and contributing to the discussion! What are you most thankful for in gaming this year?