Happy Friday! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. There’s 20 or so of us authors now, plus guest posters. We talk a lot about our games and interests, but we really want to get to know YOU.




Welcome to your Character Sheet

You are a level 1 halfling bard. You possess a dagger, your trusty lute, a torch, flint and steel, and some rope. Just kidding, we’re taking a survey here. (But we’ll let you roll up a league character at the end).

First, what role(s) do you play in the tabletop hobby/business? Check any that apply.


How many games do you own?

How many games have you Kickstarted (or helped crowd fund)?

How often do you visit the League site/read articles?

You’re stranded on a desert island with 1-3 other people. Forever. Thank goodness you brought three games:
 and  and .

Do you use BGG?



Are you on social media? Check any that apply:

Who is your FAVORITE Leaguer?
(ok, those options were all JR Honeycutt… Seriously though, if you do have a leaguer who you’re partial to, introduced you to the blog or you’ve played or made games with and you want to give a specific shout out – you can add a comment below in the blog and they will see it). We appreciate all our members. It’s just that JR gives the best hugs…
If you recall a League article that you really enjoyed, please let us know which one comes to mind.
If you have a topic for a League article, we’d love to hear it!

If the League was to raise money for web hosting, convention funds, swag and prizes, etc would you consider donating to help us out?

OK, the moment you’ve been waiting for, right? Let’s see what the audience rolls up collectively for our first ever league character. Using D&D 5th Edition basic options:



And let’s see what class we select together (again using D&D 5th edition):





Please enter your name, email and then click SUBMIT.





That’s it. Thank you soooo much for answering. Anything else you want to say? Write a comment below. Cheers!