We’ve finally reached the end of our journey, or is it just the beginning? Either way, Stones of Fate hit a major milestone this week – it’s now available at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) and at online retailers. When I started making games, it was because I really wanted to see this day – I wanted to see something that I had created (or helped to create as we all know there is an entire team behind each game) available for people to enjoy for years to come. I am so thankful to the many people who have helped make this day a reality.


Stones of Fate started out in the brain of our wonderful designer and fellow league member, Luke Laurie. He wrote about his experiences designing Stones of Fate here. It was chatting during Gen Con three years ago that I initially approached Luke about signing Stones of Fate. It went something like this, “Hey Luke, my brother and I want to form a game publishing company. We’re not designers, we need designers, and we need a great game to get us off the ground. How would you like to be our first designer and have Stones of Fate be our first game?” From there we hammered out the details and started creating what would become Stones of Fate.

We ran an initial Kickstarter and did not meet our goal. We regrouped, learned from our mistakes and launched another Kickster – this time successful.


After the production process – getting it printed, setting the price, etc; we have worked to market the game so that people would be ready to embrace it. Part of this was submitting it for contests. Part of this has been submitting this for reviews.

We also attended the GAMA trade show and really got a lot of great knowledge on the distribution process. We are happy to be working with Impressions Game Distribution Service to get Stones of Fate into the retail chain. Hopefully, you can find it at your FLGS. If so, we would love to see your pictures. You can post them to the Cosmic Wombat Game Facebook page or tweet them to @wombatgames.


Luke Laurie’s next game will be Manhattan Project: Energy Empire. He is co-designing this game with fellow Leaguer Tom Jolly and it will be published by Minion Games. A Kickstarter is scheduled for this fall.

Energy Empire-01

Cosmic Wombat Games is working on their next game, Campaign Trail. We are launching the Kickstarter for this game on August 18. Until then you can play this (as well as Luke’s Manhattan Project: Energy Empire) at Kublacon and again at Gen Con. If you’d like to check out the Kickstarter preview link, you can do that here.

Campaign Trail Board-01

Overall the process of getting Stones of Fate to retail has been an enjoyable one. It has been a lot of work but very rewarding to see the dream fulfilled.