Today, October 22 is Wombat Day. On this occasion people from all over the world celebrate by consuming the traditional Wombat Day cake, indulging in gummy candy, and telling tales/singing songs of wombats. The celebration typically ends with fireworks and wombat wishes, which will not be granted unless the entire wombat cake is consumed by all guests in one sitting. We here at Cosmic Wombat Games wish you all a very joyous and happy Wombat Day!

In order to fulfill your desire for tales of wombats to share around the Wombat Day cake this October 22nd, let me tell you of the tale of Cosmic Wombat Games.


(about 2.5 to be exact) there were two brothers who set out on a journey to enhance the well-being of their fellow man. They realized that people needed more play in their lives, that this was the key to true happiness. And so, they began creating games, beautiful games with engaging mechanics and themes that brought joy to everyone they touched.

But they were nameless, without an identity. How would their friends and supporters recognize them and be able to take advantage of this life-enhancing fun they were bringing? So the two brothers began a quest, a quest to find the perfect identity for their little venture. They searched high and low but to no avail. Finally at the bottom of a burrow in the depths of Australia, they found what they were seeking – play in animal form. What better mascot to represent the identity of a company committed to bringing play to the masses than an animal know to be the most playful of all marsupials? And so the wombat came to represent these two brothers.


But they were not done for the wombat needed something more. He was not just any wombat but a special wombat. But what was his specialty? Well, the brothers decided to let the people decide. They polled many, asked the tough questions, and consulted the oracles. In the end, it was destined that this particular wombat would be of the cosmic variety. Thus Cosmic Wombat Games was born with a mission to enhance lives and provide fun to the world.


Please enjoy these photos from our Wombat Day 2013 and share your Wombat Day festivities in the comments!