Each Hero from Heroes and Tricks (live on Kickstarter!) is the righteous embodiment of us gamers. The H&T team had a blast elevating our gamer archetypes into high fantasy. There are 16 characters below, in 4 suits. Which one(s) are you? Do you know a Factual Frank or Paranoid Pete? Are you the Mr. Serious in your game group?


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Are you Chaos? Chaotic and unpredictable, you follow no logic, strategy or even tacit. Each move is more bizarre than your last. You gleefully make people uneasy in their own actions and drive The Alpha and Mr. Serious nuts. A secret agent of Madam Maker, Chaos is often the fastest path to demonstrating failed design in games. On certain occasion may be mistaken for The Kid.

Are you Double Trouble? In cahoots from the beginning, you and your partner cast no illusion that you aren’t a pair. Debating your next move aloud, leaving spaces open, not attacking each other – you two can quickly alienate the rest of the table. The Alpha, occasionally in the pair, loves playing cooperative games with Double Trouble. While The Cheat ceases up playing with Double Trouble (too hard to be sneaky), Drake the Snake looks for every opportunity to gain the upper hand playing them against each other with relish. The Veteran just likes the extra challenge!

Are you The Cheat? Ah…The Cheat, you’re willing to not only do whatever it takes to win, but specifically ignore the rules, sneak peaks at exposed cards (or hidden), and even pull a few additional meeples or coins from the bank. Always eager to play with Jill Joker and Gabby who distract the table and Nate Noob who doesn’t know the rules anyway. Weary of any game with Factual Frank, The Kid, or The Veteran.

Are you Mr. Serious? The life of the party away from the table, but the moment you sit down to game you instantly take every move, every slight, every decision as critical. Mr. Serious wins more often than not, but most wonder to what end? Certainly not fun! Will not play games with Gabby, Bragging Betty, or Jill Joker, but epic tales of games between Mr. Serious, The Veteran, Slowturn Tal echo in the Great Hall.



Are you Paranoid Pete? Everyone else at the table is out to get Paranoid Pete, or so you think! Whether it is Double Trouble ganging up on you, Factual Frank changing the rules against your favor, or Chaos specifically making your life miserable. It is THEM vs. YOU. The Kid and The Cheat find nothing more satisfying than working together to drive Paranoid Pete insane.

Are you The Kid? Talented and perceptive, you, The Kid, routinely win games by “doing the math,” “making the obvious move,” and getting obscenely absorbed in the game at hand. Easily agitated, The Kid despises any game with Slowturn Tal and loathes playing with The “way too bossy” Alpha. Equally at ease acting like an 8-year old (or being an 8-year old) with Gabby, Jil Joker and Chaos, as this player is in a heated battle with their arch-nemesis – The Veteran.

Are you Madam Maker? Whether or not Madam Maker is actually a game designer is irrelevant, you spends your off turn vocally dissecting all elements of the game on the table (and often their close cousins). Never one to lose on the merits of your own play, Madam Maker can always articulate why that item “was way OP” or how the game was built to “deny how I like to play.” Tolerated by most, easily bested by Drake the Snake, The Veteran, Slowturn Tal or just about anyone willing to listen to Madam revealing their entire strategy while perfecting their next move.

Are you The Alpha? The Alpha, the leader of the pack. You take pride in knowing how to best play the game and how to best guide other players to success and perfection. All tokens and cards are easiest for you to reach, and The Alpha is never wrong. Avoided by all but Nate Noob in cooperative games, The Veteran, Factual Frank, Slowturn Tal always welcome the chance to butt heads with another A-Type personality in competitive games. Often times Father or Mother of The Kid!



Are you Gabby? Don’t care what game the group is playing? Just looking for a good time to connect with friends and be “social IRL.” You’re likely Gabby. You always talk about game night by describing who was there and what you talked about. A welcome player in social, party and casual games with Bragging Betty and Nate Noob, things start getting testy as games get longer and Mr. Serious shows up. Often the trouble in Double Trouble.

Are you Drake the Snake? Drake the Snake is a master of player manipulation and knows every angle to every rule. You don’t only know the odds, you know how to bend them to your will…and victory. Route blocker and side-bet maker, most keep a keen eye on your moves. Madam Maker’s strong distaste for Drake the Snake helps her resist his powers, but Bragging Betty, Double Trouble, Nate Noob all routinely fall to tricky tale or another.

Are you Factual Frank? Who starts a game without completely reading the rules? Why not double check page 8, just to be sure? – You take pride in knowing the ins and outs of all games you play. Factual Frank can often be confused with Mr. Serious, but the focus and intensity comes from a different part of the soul. Does not play well with The Kid, Drake the Snake, and in particular keeps an eye locked on The Cheat at all times. Extremely tolerate on Slowturn Tal taking slow turns and The Veteran’s salt

Are you The Veteran? There isn’t a game type you haven’t played before or move you haven’t seen. You know The Cheat’s cheats and Gabby’s gabs. Chaos has become predictable and Factual Frank endearing. Everything is old hat. It isn’t about gaming with a specific player, The Veteran looks at how to win against the dynamics of the game in the group. How can you win at a game with Paranoid Pete and Drake the Snake? How can you rout Double Trouble, The Alpha, and Nate Noob?



Are you Jill Joker? Unlike Mr. Serious, you are probably cracking jokes and making laughs on and off the table. What’s the point in playing a game if you aren’t having fun, right? You can’t consider it a win unless, you’ve gotten every other player to chuckle or at least smirk during the game. Jill Joker is always trying to come up with ways to get Mr. Serious and Paranoid Pete to loosen up and the party hasn’t started until Gabby or The Kid blow milk out of their nose.

Are you Nate Noob? You, my League of Gamemaker reader, are no Nate Noob. Nate Noob has yet to gain the experience required to navigate these online dungeons. Perhaps, though, you may remember your days as a new player. Meeting your first Factual Frank, being swiftly defeated by The Veteran, or perhaps experiencing your first game with The Alpha. And who did you become? Did you stray and become The Cheat? Or perhaps studied the game and become Madam Maker. What was your future?

Are you Bragging Betty? Never one to miss an opportunity to recant a successful victory or glory at the ingenuity of your last move, you have no need for modesty. You take pride in being a Bragging Betty and often use it to your advantage. Can you trick Drake the Snake into thinking he has the upper hand? Can you goad The Veteran into a bad position? Of course you can! Bragging Betty is most at ease with other gamers who are fun first. Jill Joker, Gabby, and Chaos can make for a fantastic, but endless, game of Werewolf.

Are you Slowturn Tal? Do…you…take…your…time…when…playing? Do you occasional (read: always) suffer from analysis paralysis? Is everyone else simply Chaos in your mind? Never taking enough time to think through their actions? Then you’re probably Slowturn Tal. Don’t let others rush you. You are awesome. Take your time. Slowturn Tal mostly plays with people who find them endearing or a key part of the group. As long as they aren’t Slowturn Gabby, Slowturn Betty, or Slowturn Pete everything will be ok!


Who are you? Did we miss any? Tell us and share!