Stephen DeBaun, (aka Professor What?!?) informs me that (paraphrasing here) calling it just a “Summertime Raffle” is weak sauce. He says we should just shout “WIN FREE GAMES!” Ok, let’s try that.


If you’re like us, then you appreciate games. And you appreciate awesome crowd-funding podcasts like Funding the Dream. We at the League of Gamemakers appreciate you for reading our blog, and joining in our discussion on all game topics. We’re half a year in now, and still exploring topics as diverse as not marrying gamers to stealing game ideas and being ok with it all. But enough talk. Let’s get some more games to YOUR tabletop!


Every member of the League of Gamemakers is getting in on this one! All told, we’re offering 11 different games in 3 different bundles! Each bundle is worth over $100! One winner, your choice of prize package. (What would a game prize be without a choice? Hopefully, it’s a good kind of AP…) We have deep strategy games like Ars Victor, worker placement blending mechanics and theme in Aloha: The Spirit of Hawaii. We have hot new releases like Jupiter Rescue and the recently funded Kickstarter Amberden Affair, premiering at Gen Con! Did you get your copy of Evil Intent so you can begin taking over the world?! How about a collection of 6 card games, including Got It, the latest game and math puzzler from Tom Jolly!


The answer: everything. Once, at a Comic-Con a couple years ago, I had a just finished making a really immersive but under marketed “Choose-Your-Own-Horror” RPG on Facebook (I had enough Farmville, you know?) and I was looking for a way to promote it. Unfortunately, my friends and I had missed the window to have media materials vetted by the convention, so there I was with a bunch of postcards and no place to stack ’em. I joined the throngs of folks handing out flyers and promo materials. Despite being dressed ‘normal’ and lacking an energy drink to give away, I did seemingly ok. I shouted “Free Facebook game!” and “Choose Your Own Adventure on Facebook!” or the like, and gave away a ton of cards. Alas, the Comic-Con “bag o’ promo crap” is under appreciated after the con. I think I can count on two hands how many people that brought to the game.

The point is, don’t be afraid to try anything – at least once. And actually, the League is here to try out a bunch of things for you. Every convention we go to, play test method we employ, or game mechanic we explore is fodder for a post exploring what does and doesn’t work. So today, we’re going to figure out this raffle thing, and give away cool games doing it. Do us a favor – ENTER and spread the word about our blog, ok?

Thank you.