Welcome to the League of GameMakers!

Who Are We?

By day we are science teachers, animators, technical directors, comic book artists, electrical engineers, parents and many other professions. By night, we are a critical hit on a d12 roll + a small modifier of people dedicated to making games, talking and sharing the process. We host game nights, and design/publish games.

And now, apparently we blog about it… So much for our secret identities and cover.

The League Rises!

Together we have over three dozen published titles, with games produced from 1985 to present, and an exciting slate in 2014! We’ve raised collectively over $192,000 on Kickstarter for tabletop games, hosted 11 campaigns with experience, sold to publishers and handled our own self publishing. We have 2 teams of finalists in the Tabletop Deathmatch, an Origins award, a Polyprize award winner, a Gamecrafter moderator and TGC contest winner and we’re in several time zones worth of conventions yearly. With seasoned veterans and new designers both, and an active presence in Facebook, Twitter and BGG groups, we’ve got games covered!

What is Our Mission?

We plot in not-so-secret about saving the world with more games and game nights. Sure, we could pour hours into desk jobs and laboratories trying to cure serious issues, but laughter and fun is what we bring to the table, and we’re proud to do that. We live in exciting times, with board games seemingly on the rise with not just core audiences but casual players as well. We’re here to explore all aspects of the gaming world, with articles in design, publishing, mechanics, technical and creative processes, game hosting and Kickstarter.

Why a Blog??

Speaking as your editor, I’ve wanted to write a blog for a long time, but somehow writing a consistent post is harder than publishing a game. After conquering the latter, I decided to look to my fellow colleagues who were also game tinkerers and see if they also had something to say. Banding together, the work of sharing a regular batch of articles doesn’t fall on any one person’s shoulders AND you get quite a few viewpoints. With over a dozen authors, we can offer some very unique perspectives.

For example, If we all review a game, you’ll get a pretty good and balanced look at that title.

We hope you enjoy the blog. It’s not just for us, it’s for you. We’re all in the League of GameMakers. Please join in and comment, engage us, look us up at conventions and help make the world a better place full of gaming.

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Peter Vaughan

Game Developer at Breaking Games

Peter eats games for breakfast! Founder of First Play LA, Squirmy Beast and League of Gamemakers, and Director of Development for Breaking Games. First published designs include What the Food?! and Nightmare Cove, and development credits include Letter Tycoon, Boomtown Bandits, Sparkle*Kitty and Rise of Tribes.

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  1. Luke Laurie on January 13, 2014

    Long live the League of Gamemakers!
    Great work Peter!

  2. Deanatay on January 15, 2014

    A PolyPrize winner??? Now you have my interest!

    • Jeff Cornelius on January 20, 2014


      That would be Luke Laurie for Stones of Fate 🙂

  3. admin on January 15, 2014

    Just the beginning, Deanatay, just the beginning

  4. Nikolas Rex on May 31, 2018

    New commenter here. I just started meeting up with a local gaming group of aspiring board game designers and playtesters. I am working on a board game myself. They directed me to here and so I begin my reading journey.

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