The League of Gamemakers knows that winning isn’t everything… but it sure is nice! And if you can puzzle out the titles of these 30 games by our surefire victory strategies, you’ll be a winner too!



5.Beans, beans, the collectible fruit.
9.Merge your way to profits.
10.Build your cargo-bearing spaceship single-handedly and hope it doesn’t fall apart.
11.Don’t starve.
13.Have a longer path to follow than your opponents.
15.Be the last kaiju standing.
16.Get energy to the most cities.
19.Gather swords before your teammates betray you.
20.Shake the cube tower and get to the island first.
21.Make your family miserable and dead.
24.Root out the secret government agents so your revolution succeeds.
27.Don’t let your neighbors roll 7s.
28.Use warfare or diplomacy to colonize worlds by the time two decks run out.
29.Build a bigger, better bomb.
30.Don’t discard the princess.
1.Keep the troll and goblin hordes at bay.
2.Get to 15 points by collecting high-scoring bases with geek tropes.
3.Keep on flyin’.
4.Die more famously than your neighbors over four generations.
6.Make railroad paths to score the most points.
7.Be a horrible person.
8.Get to level 10 and grief any adventurer who tries to get there first.
12.Build bigger, better casino chains and usurp your neighbors.
14.Complete quest cards and earn bonuses with your secret lord.
17.Collect five sets backwards.
18.Build a whirligig out of stuff you dig out of a really big sandbox.
22.Don’t lose your head.
23.Don’t sneeze.
25.Beat the mastermind four times before villains swarm the city and evil wins.
26.Cure the common cold.