Another wonderful three-day weekend is upon us and that means one-thing for hardcore gamemakers: CONS!

or, in our case, this weekend: Kubla Con!

Often, several of us attend Southern California’s Strategicon conventions (also going on this weekend and awesome for players and designers), but this time some of the Central California crew is heading north.

For us, cons are very special events to play and explore new games, to promote our existing games, to test new designs on unsuspecting passersby, and most importantly, to network with fellow game makers. After all, many of us League members met originally at game conventions, over a few games and/or libations. The connections you can make at conventions are well worth the price of admission. We look forward to meeting you!

So if you’re at Kubla Con look for Peter Vaughan and What the Food?! – on the schedule and at the Impressions booth!

and Luke Laurie with his games Stones of Fate, Replicant, and the con debut of my worker placement game Drill, Baby, Drill!

Drill Baby Board 900

and don’t forget to check out Christian Strain’s newly launched Kickstarter for Asking for Trobils!


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Luke Laurie

Game Designer at Luke Laurie Games

Designer of Stones of Fate and The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire
Game designer by night, and middle school science and pre-engineering teacher by day. He lives in Santa Maria California with his amazing wife and two unrealistically well-behaved children.

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  1. dan smith on May 23, 2014

    Rock the Central gaming community guys! I would attend, but I have a business meeting at Stratcon… more when that culminates!

  2. Eric @ Devious Devices on May 23, 2014

    Luke: Good luck with Drill, Baby, Drill!
    Christian: Win some backers – I want Trobils!
    Peter: Don’t forget your whiteboard 😉
    Have fun everyone!

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