A few days ago, The Dice Tower (Tom, Sam, and Zee) posted their thoughts on numerous things designers need to stop: “Top 10 Things Designers Need to STOP doing”

Overall, I highly recommend watching the video to appreciate their perspective, but did feel there were a few gems in particular to keep in mind (and a few others to perhaps take with a grain of salt).

Another Perspective From a Game Maker

Eduardo Baraf is a game maker from Mountain View, California. He is married with two boys (5/8) and loves playing games with his family and friends at home. He owns Pencil First Games (Lift Off! Get me off this Planet, The Siblings Trouble, GemPacked Cards) and runs the YouTube channel: Edo’s Game Reviews. Professionally his career spans Video Games, Startups, and VR technology.

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  1. Joe Bergmann on May 28, 2017

    Thank you very much for this video. All of your videos actually. I am a new game designer who is trying to learn as much as possible about the industry and find your advice and perspectives very helpful.
    While I really enjoy watching The Dice Tower, I must confess that I found a few of the comments made by Mr. Vasel to be distressing as well. But, I’m not giving up my dream, in part because of the positive views you have provided! Thank you!
    Will you be at GenCon this year? It would be my pleasure to meet you there if that would be possible!

    • Eduardo Baraf Author on May 28, 2017

      Yeah, Joe. Don’t give up.

      Yes, I’ll be at GenCon. Happy to meet up!

  2. Scott Caputo on May 28, 2017

    Great passionate rebuttal especially on the value of unpublished games. An unpublished game may be ahead of its time or just not found its audience yet. I think most seasoned designers have at least 1 really good game they have never had published for a variety of reasons. As you say, hang in there. Maybe someday that game will find its audience.

    • Eduardo Baraf Author on May 28, 2017

      Yeah man – sometimes games are ahead of their time!

  3. Tien Frogget on September 12, 2017

    I really appreciate how positive your videos are. I think a lot of the items on their lists are things that new designers often do as they are learning because they simply don’t know better yet (I’ve definitely made my fair share of mistakes so far on my first game and had to learn the hard way and then correct and continue) but making mistakes is part of the journey. Sometimes that’s the quickest way to learn. People can point out potholes all day long, but when you smash your face into concrete, you have a tendency to start looking more carefully where you step. The dice tower video was great and had SO MUCH quality information and food for thought, but by the end of it my head was starting to hurt. Following it up with your video talking about the same concepts made me feel inspired again. Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious and always enjoyable to watch. Thanks for adding your take on things — and keep doing it in the future!

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