Welcome back to another episode of “Pile O Games!”

A Recap

Let’s do something different in game reviews! Let’s start with a stack of games on a tabletop. Any ol’ stack? Well, we’ll tie them in somehow. Like when you’re headed out to a game night and you dig into your collection for a certain set you want to play. And then let’s all guess the theme. C’mon, it’s player interaction! “Name that Pile!” – it could be anything from “Area Control Games” to “Games designed by Antoine Bauza”, or “Games for 6 Players”. There’s no telling what pile we’ll make!

A New Pile Emerges

Can you Guess the theme that ties this pile together? Shout it out in the comments or tweet @LeagueGM

Pile of Games - Week 2

The Votes are In!

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What the League Says

Just some early discussion on the pile to get the conversation started.


(BGG rating: 6.7)

Peter:I think Da Vinci games might need to pay me as an ambassador for the number of people I have introduced to BANG! (entire offices, college dorms, etc) It’s probably my #1 rated social game experience ever.


(BGG rating: 7.3)
Jeff:So is this just Resistance and Love Letter with some extra components and mechanics?

King of Tokyo

(BGG rating: 7.5)

Brad: Giant Monsters, special powers, chunky dice – SCORE! This game is so much fun, while being quick to play and easy to teach.

Shadow Hunters

(BGG rating: 6.9)
Christina:I enjoy it! I think hidden identity games work best when the mechanics are simple like Shadow Hunters, because then the focus is on how you can communicate better with your teammates next time.

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

(BGG rating: 7)
Christian:I love this game. It’s one of my most favorite Ameritrash (said with love) games. The theme is thick and the variable endings make it endlessly replayable. If you have the old red boxed version like me, download the updated books for less broken games.


(BGG rating: 4.5)
Dan:The only one of the bunch I have played and although I’ll play it, it isn’t a go-to for me. My son loves it.

Thanks for playing!

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The league of Gamemakers was here. Thanks for playing!

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