Mike Paschal is the Game Purchaser for PHD (Peachstate Hobby Distribution). That means he is in charge of finding all the new titles PHD is going to pick up to bring to retail (and how many). In this interview we talk about how he got into distribution, distributor 101, and how to get your game considered. A must watch for indie pubs.

Note: I mention it in the beginning of the video, but we had some technical difficulties. Sound sync for the first half of the video is off. Sorry!

Q&A: Mike Paschal

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  1. Gabriel on August 19, 2017

    Hi Edo, great video and Q&A series. I watched it this morning and feel like I gotta watch it again to make sure I don’t miss out any details. I am thinking that at the end of the series with Mike, you can do an article summarizing all the great lessons and insights. It will serve as a quick cheat sheet for indie publishers and first timers to get a quick understanding as well as serve as an updated resource on the ins and outs of the distributions practices. As Mike also pointed out, many of the available info on the internet is largely outdated, also, the industry is evolving kinda quickly versus 5 years ago.

    I think such an article will be a major landmark and beacon for anyone looking to stay up to date,

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