Early on at the League, Brad and I had a few pics taken of game piles that all connected in some mysterious way. Pictures are thanks to our buddy John with an awesome collection (thanks again John!).

At first we thought maybe we’d do a League group review or awards thing. Turns out, finding everyone who knows the same games, or has the same taste in games can be tough to organize. AND some of these connections were easy, and some seemingly impossible! Connections can be a mechanic, some a theme, some could be by a game piece, color, or even what year they were printed!

Anyway, for a fun Friday post, I thought I’d post the original series of pictures. It might even be a challenge for me to remember! Without looking at any answers in the comments below, see how many pile ‘o game themes YOU can correctly identify and connect?

Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Note: Pile H’s connection is no longer true. So you’re guessing how they connected in 2014!
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games
Pile O Games


Bonus Questions

  • What is your favorite game in the whole lot?
  • There are 79 unique games pictured, give or take. If you’ve played or own a record number of these, how many is that? (Obviously John owns 100%)
  • If you had a game night coming up and your group planned to play every game out of a certain pile, which pile would be your ideal game night?
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  1. Veethika on August 21, 2015

    Pile G!?

  2. Veethika on August 21, 2015

    Pile A- route/networking
    Pile C- Camel
    Pile G- Elimination
    Pile M- City Building

    • Peter Vaughan Author on August 21, 2015

      There’s actually a different connection I had in mind in A and M. C and G are spot on!

      • Veethika on August 21, 2015

        Illuminate this newbie ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Curt Covert on August 21, 2015

    Pile L = Backstabby goodness!

  4. A – Map of the U.S.
    B – Simultaneous Play
    C – Camels? (Are there camels in Zooloretto?)
    D – Islands?
    E – Green boxes
    F – Dice!
    G – Player Elimination
    H – They’re all games! (I have no idea)
    I – Variable Player Powers
    J – ???
    K – They’re all good games! (I dunno)
    L – Fighting/Take-that
    M – ???
    N – Player elimination (again?)
    O – All the games on the left are better than the one on the right.

    Bonus 1: Lords of Waterdeep and 7 Wonders
    Bonus 2: 15
    Bonsu 3: D. I haven’t played any of the games pictured in D, but they look fun.

  5. Imran on August 21, 2015

    A – route/network building
    B – simultaneous action
    C – camels
    D – set on an island
    E – green boxes
    F – dice
    G – player elimination
    H – top 5 on BGG
    I – criminals/people behaving badly? or potentially characters with unique special powers
    J – hand management
    K – hidden agendas/objectives
    L – negotiation
    M – hexagonal tiles
    N – secret roles?
    O – I would have said comic books/fantasy but Love Letter??

  6. Eric Francis on August 21, 2015

    Okay, here’s my guesses (and no mistake, they are primarily guesses):
    A: US maps
    C: camels
    D: islands
    E: meeples
    M: hex tiles

    The rest? No clue.

    I own or have played 10. Or 9, if you include one I’ve bought but hasn’t arrived. Or 12/11 if you include iOS versions. I suspect this is only a record on the low end.

    As for which group to play… hmmm. 7 Wonders is my favorite game ever, but I’m going to go with the Pile M combo of Catan, Suburbia and Keyflower. Even though I’ve never played Suburbia and Keyflower.

    Wow. I need to go play more games.

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