What should Kickstarter creators do to get ready to launch a campaign? Recently, I was participating in a Kickstarter seminar at a con with Teale Fristoe of Nothing Sacred Games. He said something about “if you do your Kickstarter homework, …” I immediately latched on to that and thought it was a great concept! Can you boil down various preparation tasks into easily digestible “homework segments”? I told him I was going to use his idea for a series of posts.


This is the introductory post in a series of posts all about those pieces absolutely necessary to start your own Kickstarter campaign. Throughout the coming months I will write on each of the topics shown above. Not only will I be writing on these topics but I will be showing you real-time examples as I prepare the Kickstarter for Campaign Trail from Cosmic Wombat Games. Currently our Kickstarter campaign page looks like this so stay tuned and keep reading and watch it grow and develop.

Let me know if there are any additional topics you would like to see covered in this series. For those of you who have done Kickstarter campaigns, what would you add to the “Kickstarter Homework”? Please feel free to add to the discussion. I want you to learn from what I have to offer but I also want to learn from you. We can all give each other Kickstarter Homework.