BoardGameGeek CON (BGG.CON) is trying something new this year as they continue to evolve their exhibitor layout. In addition to the TWO full vendor rooms now (70+ booths), you’ll find an “IndieLand” – where people can get a “booth for a day”, and enjoy the convention for the rest of their time. 4 Booths each day, Wednesday thru Saturday – that’s 16 extra booths to visit!

I asked this year’s IndieLand folks for a quick sentence of what you’ll find, games of note (linked to BGG) twitter info and images. Enjoy!



  • Scott King @scottking
    Stopping by my booth Wednesday is your only chance to pick-up a copy of my 2016 Gaming Calendar in person. Don’t miss it!
    Scott King's calendar 2016
  • Baba Geek Games @baba_geekRobit Riddle
    A family friendly intro to storytelling games based on gamebooks and beautiful art.
    Robit Riddle
  • Harebrained Schemes – come by and find out!
  • The Guardians: Explore @The_Guardians_XThe Guardians: Explore
    Become guardians and save Arthursburg from a monster invasion with this card based adventure game, The Guardians: Explore.
    The Guardians: Explore

IndieLand Thursday



  • 1) Foxtrot Games @FoxtrotGamesWorld’s Fair 1893
    Foxtrot Games will be demoing World’s Fair 1893. (Lanterns: The Harvest Festival will be available for demo and purchase in the Renegade Game Studios booth.)
    World's Fair 1893
  • 2) Perplext @ChrisHandy HUE, TKO, GEM, FLY, TAJ, LIE, SHH, BUS
    Pack O Games can be taken EVERYWHERE you go! Stocking Stuffers Galore! We’ll have a BGG.con special for all 8 games and the POD case for only $40.00.
    Pack O Games
  • 3) APE Games @apegamesSpirits of the Rice Paddy (including solo components), Trickerion and Dalghaard’s Gift expansion, The Great Dinosaur Rush (demo)
    APE will feature Scott Almes’ game The Great Dinosaur Rush on Thursday in our IndieLand booth. Stop by and play!
    APE Games
  • 4) Studio Woe @4science Gruff
    Gruff is a tactical combat card game where you crush enemies using a specially crafted team of mutated monster goats!

IndieLand Thursday


There’s a League game in the mix – Manhattan Project: Energy Empire!


IndieLand Thursday



  • Creative Cove Games @CreativeCoveGSThe Depths of Durangrar
    Experience a dungeon crawler that is played in the dark with explorer players that light up to illuminate small parts of the maze and a monster player who hunts down all the explorers. The Depths of Durangrar launches Spring 2016 on Kickstarter.
    Depths of Durangrar
  • Bigfoot Games LLC – come by and find out!
  • Hikari Games – come by and find out!
  • Poppy Jasper Games @PoppyJasperGameLost Woods (for sale), Gnomi (on KS soon), Potion Crafters (playtesting)
    We are launching the board game Lost Woods, a tile laying game that makes a new map each time you play. Now with weaponized marshmallows.
    Lost Woods

IndieLand Thursday


BGG.CON MAPS – all other vendor info!
Seth’s prototypes to play geeklist
Vote for the HOT GAMES geeklist
Leaguers to find: Brad, Chris, JR, Nathan, Norv, Peter, Seth and Teale
League Games Found At: Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) – #209, AdMagic/Breaking Games #512

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  1. James Mathe on November 13, 2015

    I really like the 1 day booth idea. A major reason I don’t do the booths at BGG.CON much is that they are like 5 days – and most of those very long days. I rarely have stable help at the booths and so it’s extremely exhausting to do. So this is cool – check me out Friday else find me in the hall to play one of our games!

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