Paul Peterson who designed for Wizards of the Coast, created hits like Guillotine and Smash Up, and worked in digital with Zynga and PopCap started at the bottom. He entered into the industry as a Magic fan and active member of their gamer community.

First, we chat about how he broke into games and grew in tabletop. Then, we chat about pitching in Origins, making your pitch deck, and lots of useful tips for designers.

Q&A: Paul Peterson

Eduardo Baraf is a game maker from Mountain View, California. He is married with two boys (5/8) and loves playing games with his family and friends at home. He owns Pencil First Games (Lift Off! Get me off this Planet, The Siblings Trouble, GemPacked Cards) and runs the YouTube channel: Edo’s Game Reviews. Professionally his career spans Video Games, Startups, and VR technology.

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  1. Joe Bergmann on June 23, 2017


    Thank you for another great video! I am going to GenCon this year to pitch some of my games and this will help a ton! Maybe we could meet and I could pitch to you and you could introduce me to some people if you think my stuff is ok?


    • Eduardo Baraf Author on June 23, 2017

      You’ll have to find me, but sure. Happy to give you feedback on a pitch and connect you with people if it seems like a fit for someone I know.

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